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After 3 year I didn't visit, write and even do anything for this, i'm coming again. im getting awkward feel again. what the hall? please lahh, buanglahhh segalanyaa. tired to be broken again and again. tired to build a hope and then it will break again and feel like "what im doing to my heart?' payah lahh aku nak build a friendship with someone, then feel like this come again and im being awkward to talk to him evetho he didn't do anything or give a hope to me.

ok ok. chill and rilex. maybe this heart became like this bcoz of his smile, the way he talk and treat you better than his friends. lelw, mcm lah kenal sngt dengan kawan dia. please, cover the feel that you have right now for your future or your friendship with him. payah baii, ada lagi 9 week to face with him or otherwise you will be awkward or uncomfortable when you're with him all the time. aim sekarang nie, try to reduce your weight and please DON'T GAIN YOUR WEIGHT AGAIN AND AGAIN. 
susahlahh nak cari dress  kalo nak kawin nanti. hahhahahahahah. 
dahlahh, kawan kau semua dahh berpunya, and you still with your own life.  and bile balik kampung, people will asking you "dahh ada boyfriend?" "takde? takkan dekat ums tuhh, takde yg sangkut even 1 pon" lelws, memang aku datang sini just tok cari jodoh jee. datang sini nak belajar lahhh. hmm

yang paling sedih bila kawan yang kau anggap best friend for ever daripada sekolah until now, tak pernah anggap kau bff dia pon. dihhnyaaaa. setiap apa yang berlaku dlm diri dia, her happiness or sadness mesti kau akan tau daripada orang lain. bila kau tanya, jawapan yg sama dia akan bagi "takde pape, aku ok je" then, dia story dekat orang lain. you feel whattt?? even dia just contact kau bila dia bosan or what. "aku ada free, so aku call orang lain semua tak angkat, so aku call lah kau." pehh, like seriyeslyy. dahh lah wehh. stop it right now. im not your bunny lahh. sometimes aku teringin nak tanya dia "kau anggap aku same ke macam aku anggap kau?" mesti tak punya kann. ok fine. please be matured. kau dahh besar. people come and go like wind blow the beach. 
sometimes im thinking that im introvert


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